The Downside to Healthy Eating

As the gap between the super fit and super unhealthy increases there appears to be a growing hostility brewing- not for those people who are overweight but towards those people who say ‘no’ to eating badly.

We seem to live in a society that if you say you’re ‘watching what you eat’ or ‘cutting down’ its deemed that you’re being awkward, fussy or even worse- fat shaming.  But why are we made to feel bad for looking after our bodies and keeping an eye on our waistlines? With a rise in obesity related diseases such as; type two diabetes and heart disease, surely as a nation we should change our laid back attitude towards food and starting thinking differently?

A prime example in which we regress back to days gone by of ‘a cuppa tea and a bit of cake will make it all better’ is the workplace. Offices seem to be a breeding ground for biscuits, cakes, fizzy drinks and all kinds of fat filled sugary treats. However, should you try to oppose these goods creeping their way in, you’re deemed a ‘fun sponge’, ‘kill joy’ or people tend to take a strong disliking to you. People don’t see that you’re actually trying to do them a favour!

It doesn’t stop in the workplace, it’s everywhere! Why am I made to feel bad if I politely decline a dessert or pass on a chocolate? Has the world gone mad? I’d class myself as working hard for what I have; I look after myself, I eat as well as I can and I exercise regularly- I’m not naturally slim but yet I get ‘skinny shamed’ if I choose to eat a salad for lunch as opposed to a pre packed sandwich.

What I struggle to understand is why people take such offence to healthy eating? Is it jealousy or is it a lack of food education? Whatever the reason for it, it needs to stop. We need to empower one another, not bring people down or make them feel guilty for wanting to be better.

I for sure will continue to encourage and support anyone who wants to make a change in their life and maybe one day people will see it’s for their own benefit.


April 2017


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