The Downside to Healthy Eating Part II

Well, today the staff committee read allowed my suggestion at the staff meeting, for a reduction in cakes, biscuits, sweets and unhealthy snacks making their way into the office… and the response? LAUGHTER.

The chuckles and sneering that rippled through the office as the head of the committee delivered the proposal was deafening and, not to mention, disheartening.  What i couldn’t believe is why they felt it such an absurd idea? Why was it so offensive to even entertain the very thought of it? Are we in denial? Or living under a rock and can’t see the obesity crisis creeping up on us?

And the worst thing about the whole presentation- i didn’t speak up and fight the cause and why? Because it would have fallen on 50 pairs of ears that, quite frankly, were not interest and thought it was utterly ridiculous- but you know what, i think that half of those individuals would have welcomed the change!  If i had have spoken up i would have been eye ball rolled to high heaven, ridiculed for being the ‘skinny blonde bird’ (which i hasten to add i’m not- skinny that is- but a blonde bird ill take) and ‘shunned’ by certain individuals for making a preposterous suggestion!!

And so i stand by my first blog- the shame of healthy eating or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is still  more present now than ever- the extremes between the super healthy and super unhealthy are widening and the resentment from both sides growing…..alas as i write this blog the guy opposite me is tucking into a cheeseburger

*bangs head against wall*.

April 2017





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